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Does Solar Work in the Winter?

When it comes to sunny states, solar is a no-brainer, but what about those states with long winters? If you live in a snowy state, you can still save money and hedge against rising energy costs by switching to solar.

The short answer is yes, solar does work in the winter! We will answer all winter-related questions here.

Solar Power Vs. Winter

Solar panels need sunlight to create energy, not heat. This means solar panels can still generate power in the winter. There is less sunlight during the winter, and the good news is that because of Net Metering (INSERT BLOG LINK), our customers save annually on energy costs.

In fact, like all electronics, solar panels are more efficient in cold weather.

Can I Install Solar Panels in the Winter?

Yes, the only thing needed is to remove the snow where the technician will install the panels.

Will Snow Damage My Solar Panels?

Solar Panels are designed to support heavy snow and wind pressure.

At Lasso, our panels support a 5400 PA Snow Load (113 pounds per square foot) and have a 210 MPH wind rating.

What if There is Snow on My Panels?

If snow is on your panels, you will want to remove it using a broom designed for roofs. Rain and snow are good for your panels because they help clean excess dirt, making them more efficient.

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